Yokai Studios Textile Mask
Yokai Studios Textile Mask
Yokai Studios Textile Mask

Yokai Studios Textile Mask

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The mask is characterised by its great wearing comfort, even over long periods of time. Thanks to the smart lacing, painful ears are a thing of the past.

Suitable for all head sizes, it adapts to any face shape thanks to its innovative design and closes optimally at the sides.

The lightweight design and the selected textile blend prevent heat build-up in the mask. This prevents dry skin in the mouth and nose area and fogging of glasses. This makes the mask particularly suitable for spectacle wearers.

No pressure points from seams due to Yokai Studios Lomabond technology.

Due to our innovative robot-assisted process, we offer a product that is 100% produced in Austria.

Due to the great demand and the fact that textile masks are currently an integral part of our everyday life, the Yokai Studios textile mask is now also available online.

This article is not a medical device, not personal protective equipment (PPE) in the sense of Regulation (EU)
2016/425 and not a respirator according to EN149. The article therefore also does not claim any protective effect against infectious diseases.

Washing recommendation:

The textile mask is machine washable, but it is strongly recommended to wash the mask by hand and disinfect it with hot steam.

Yokai Studios Textile Mask