Robotic Design

(About Yokai Studios)



Yokai Studios initially started as a research project with the vision to use robotic arms and innovative automation technology to produce fashion and textiles goods in an “on-demand logic”, locally avoiding long transport distances, individualized yet industrial and therefore at an interesting quality-price balance and overall, more sustainable. This vision is the driving force in Yokai Studios identity and acting – though there are many challenges to master and developments to be set.



The approach of Yokai Studios combines two assets: 1) The robotic printing process which equally works for one piece or 1000 pieces the same way and time – so no difference in pricing of unique pieces or mass production in a 24/7 option. 2)  This innovative and agile process opens new opportunities to a modern take of bespoke and customized products, maintaining an inclusive, democratic mindset and an accessible price range.

Yokai Studios strongly believes that employing new technology to design, development and production processes will generate new aesthetics and silhouettes, being in time with future life styles and needs as well as concepts of designing and producing. With our Yokai Studios processes and techniques we want to shape the look of the garments of the future - Be part of it!

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