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Yokai Studios X Das Merch

The first-time collaboration in between the robotic driven design and producer Brand Yokai Studios and the sustainability and fair produced textile expert Das Merch brings the innovative digital design process and robotic application of Yokai alive. 

A Das Merch deadstock of 40 high quality organic cotton T-Shirts and 40 Sweatshirt of heavy organic cotton fleece has been selected to be redesigned and upcycled starting their second product life cycle. The applied generative digital design process creates for each garment a slightly different pattern to make each piece unique and individual. 

Every T-shirt or Sweatshirt is a One of a Kind and no graphic will be repeated while the Print on Demand process will initiate the T-shirt and sweatshirt upcycling and printing following each single order and using resources carefully avoiding overproduction. Yokai Studios offers to clients a further individualization by the choice of the design placement. 

Orders will be produced twice a week and orders will take 10-14 days to arrive. Every printing run through will be livestreamed directly from the studios on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and Clients will get a personal invitation to watch the creation of their personal garment.

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